What goes in…

There’s that old saying in computer land – “Garbage In, Garbage Out.” Never does that seem to be more true than with our food. Every day, we eat. We must. Food is the fire that fuels us, makes us go. It helps us rebuild ourselves when we are injured or sick and it provides us the raw materials we need to keep regenerating throughout our lives. Our lives are getting longer and the food we eat becomes even that much more important.

Yet, every day, we are bombarded with choices. I, like you, am the common, everyday consumer. I shop for my dinner table and place trust in the companies that provide me the food that it is safe, clean, healthy, and tasty. Like getting on an airplane and hoping the airlines have done their job in maintenance and safety, I place that same kind of trust in a food company. We all do. Yet, unlike an airplane, the results of a food company’s poor practices will take years if not decades to show their effects on my body and health.

We hear often about sickening food, unhealthy eating practices, and the degredation of our food supply and farm ecology. I have been interested in these facts for years; yet, as a consumer, what can I do about it? I have read Michael Pollan, Marion Nestle, Christopher Cook and others regarding the state of the American diet and food supply. It’s overhwelming, to say the least.

So I wanted to do something that would bring knowledge to the everyday person, like me, and track my own progress through the wilds of eating in America in the 21st Century. “Not In My Mouth” is my statement: “If it’s not good for me, it doesn’t go in my mouth!” Not such an easy sentiment to live by. How do you navigate a supermarket? Why do we navigate them in the first place? What can I do to change the state of food in this country, so that everyone can live a healthier and happier life? What can I do that will support the natural state of farms, forests, oceans, and urban wilds?

This is what I aim to find out. And I promise, I’ll share it with you.



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