More on CSAs & Biodynamics

cherrytreeblossomingI found a great place that explains CSAs in very concise, clear terms that I think might help a lot of people. Here’s the link: Your first question is going to be the same as my question: what the heck is biodynamics? Succinctly, the founder of the movement, in the late 1920s and early 1930s put it this way: “Essentially, biodynamic farming and gardening looks upon the soil and the farm as living organisms.”

Now, I, for one, have to say “duh.” Yet, so much of our current farming is exactly what this is NOT. What I also find extremely funny, in that odd sort of funny way, is that the movement was started by Rudolf Steiner. Anyone who is familiar with early 20th century Theosophy, Freemasonry, and anthropology will know who he was. I have read a lot of his works. Yet, I knew NOTHING about this other side of his work.

I love how the world turns.

The biodynamics web site is fascinating, with its Journal issues and links to reading materials – over 300 different references in the books area alone. They have not only a calendar of events regarding farming techniques and training – for farmers and non-farmers alike – but they also have a planting calendar (though July 2009) of all kinds of handy information for the farmers and gardeners amongst us.

From their ABOUT US page: “The purpose of the Association is to foster knowledge of the practices and principles of the biodynamic method of agriculture, horticulture, and forestry in the North American continent and to advance the applications of this method through educational activities such as research, lectures, conferences; publishing and distributing literature on the biodynamic methods; and supporting consultation and extension services to farmers, gardeners, and foresters. It may undertake other charitable activities related to such principal purpose.”

Cool. Organic before “Organic.”

I love it when the traditional is proved right. Maybe, just maybe, our ancestors did have a shred of wisdom amongst them. You think?



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