Eat Where You Live

There’s a great little book that I want to share called “Eat Where You Live” by Lou Bendrick.  I found it, of all places, in the Kings Canyon National Park this past autumn and I’ve loved it ever since. It’s a small book, funny, and full of great tips for eating locally – how to do it without going nuts. It is fully of information as to why it’s a good idea to go local and sensible ideas for making it work – for everyone.Eat Where You Live Book

The tag line of the book is “How to find and enjoy local and sustainable food no matter where you live.” No matter what your social and economic status, too. You see, one of the biggest complaints about local and sustainable food is that it’s too expensive. In a recent conversation, one friend said “I can only support my family by shopping at Wal-Mart.” I poo-pooed him, and this book goes about explaining why.

More importantly, what it does point out is priorities. If your priority is food (which, being the fuel that keeps us alive and healthy, it should be) then you will balance what time and money you have to be able to make it work. No money or maybe you’re out of work? What about working on a local farm to trade for food? How about starting a community garden or one in your backyard? No yard? Do you have a front yard? Why not? How about planter boxes or pots? No time? Can you have the local CSA deliver to you? Yes! Sometimes, it’s just about finding the method that fits best with you.

We need, as a culture, to learn to spend more time, money, and thought on our food. Culturally and physically, it can only become better for us. Sit down at the table and eat dinner with your loved ones. Garden together. Walk the farmer’s market together and plan dinner next week. And if you need some inspiration, get this book! Guaranteed you will find something that works!



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