Lost in Food Wilderness

NavigatingIt’s been a long year. A very long year, filled with food ups and downs. Mostly, it’s been filled with my associations toward food. Eating in this century is dangerous business; it’s filled with thou shalt and thou shalt not, thou canst and though should think about it first. It’s filled with all kinds of chemicals and terms designed to dazzle, preserve, and rectify. Mostly, it just makes me tired.

Where have I remained? Lost in a food wilderness. Too much to choose from, to many sleepless nights struggling against painful digestion, and way, way too many bad decisions. It is a very first world problem. And yet, it’s the first world problems that are killing us. Finding my way with compass and map has been a challenge. I know what my body likes and what it does not; yet, I rarely make the best decision for myself. It’s almost as if I just can’t be trusted with something that should sustain me.

I could raise my fist in the air and curse, what? Parental units? History? The age in which I was born? Truth be told, it may be all of those things, and nothing but me. Genetics, failure of choices – hell, I don’t know. I do know one thing: it’s time to get my collective good intentions together and get this show on the road, once and for all. I know what I don’t like and how I don’t like to feel – time to actually make a stand, take control, and own my own health.

To that end, let me tell you about Stemple ¬†Creek Ranch. Grass fed beef, reasonably priced, easy to obtain. If you’re in the North SF Bay area or within driving distance to Petaluma, where their butcher is, I highly recommend them. Our recent quarter came to a little over $5 per lb. Not bad for ALL the best beef. We just recently bought a pig from Clark Family Farms, also in Marin. Good pig and excellent butcher – again, Bud’s Custom Meats. They are fast, clean, reliable – just awesome. And when you go to pick up, you can stock up on game and all sorts of other really good meats from Bud’s. Venison, rabbit, sausages – they are all there. I highly recommend all of the above! Bud’s FB page is here:¬†https://www.facebook.com/pages/Buds-Custom-Meats/208603209156088

We also signed up for Full Circle CSA. They bought our original CSA and offered to continue with us. We LOVE them! They deliver to the house, let you order a variety of Grocery items, and are high quality. They source locally, for the most part, but do get some veg and fruits out of Mexico. Other things, like honey, dairy, etc – all local. I highly recommend them to anyone in the SF Bay Area. I understand they also have deliveries in other areas, too. Link is http://www.fullcircle.com