About The Mouth!

I began my interest in eating when I was born, as I’m sure all of you did as well.

Since the age of 16, I’ve been a proponent of the natural world, whether it be herbs, gardens, or just the outdoors in general. Little did I know how far away from it we had all come by the time the new millineum rolled around. After the release of Omnivore’s Dilemna, by Michael Pollan, and my completion of my Bachelors in Natural Health Sciences, I realized just how crazy our systems of food growing, processing, production as well as customs surrounding the social aspects of food, have become. 

Since then, I’ve read quite a few books and studied quite a few medical journals regarding the food industry in the United States. Understanding that it is an industry is, I believe, the first step in understanding just what it is we put in our mouths.

My goal is to inform, to share, to discuss, and to bring out highlights of what surrounds what we put in our mouths today – the very thing that keeps us alive and going. I’m conscious now, about what goes in. And about what does not. Sometimes you just have to say – “Not in my mouth!”



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